Creative Audio has provided a video wall and video support for numerous artists, festivals, and tours across the country. So many, actually, that our video department has become our quickest growing department. And of course we continue to invest in only the best quality video equipment available.

Video Wall Rentals from Creative Audio

Video Wall Rentals

Large video walls are becoming commonplace at concerts. Everybody wants to be able to see the artist they bought a ticket for, right? We know what it takes to get a brilliant, crystal clear video wall assembled easily and quickly. Every person there will be able to see the content, or camera shots perfectly.

We stock a huge inventory of popular video panels from Pixelflex and Martin. The video wall panels can be assembled to make a display size up to 500 inches! That’s almost 40′ wide, and it can definitely be seen from hundreds of feet away.

Video Cameras

We rent full video packages as well. Packages can include multiple HD cameras and components. We stock a variety of camera lenses, and will work through the details of your event to decide what works best. Need to put a camera 150′ away from the stage? No problem! Our stock of large box lenses can get a head shot of a presenter no matter the distance. We also have multiple fiber converters for long distances, and tally lights as an option so presenters or performers know which camera is currently live.

Video Processing

Video processing is the cornerstone of any large video system. Creative Audio includes the video mixer and processors with a full video wall system. Our 1/ME or 2/ME video mixers can easily provide graphic overlays and switching between multiple cameras or video sources. They also can output signal to other video walls, or monitors in backstage locations.

  • 5.25 mm Video Panels
  • 6.25 mm Video Panels
  • Canon 50x Box Lenses
  • Canon 55x Box Lenses
  • JVC Cameras
  • Sony Cameras
  • Fiber Systems
  • CCU Systems
  • Blackmagic 1/ME Switchers
  • Roland Switchers
  • Novastar Processing