Creative Audio provides audio system rentals and is one the the top 10 JBL rental providers in the country. We have an inventory of over 600 boxes of JBL professional speakers, making us a clear provider of choice for large scale tours and live events.

In addition, all audio system rentals from Creative Audio include the most requested touring equipment available from brands such as AVID, Yamaha, Midas, Sennheiser, Shure, and more. We offer any combination of packages needed. Full system packages can include Speakers and subs, amplification, control, RF microphones, and cables. Small packages can be as simple as a couple powered speakers and tripods. Creative Audio will make sure your event is covered correctly.

We are proud to carry a complete selection of the JBL VTX Line including:

  • A12 Tri-amp Line Array
  • A8 Bi-amp Line Array
  • V20 Tri-Amp Line Array
  • V25-II Tri-amp Line Array
  • G28 Dual 18″ Ground Stack Subwoofers
  • S28 Dual 18″ Suspendable Subwoofers
  • S25 Dual 15″ Suspendable Subwoofers
  • F12 12″ Bi-amp Two-way Monitors
  • F15 15″ Bi-amp Two-way Monitors
  • M22 Dual 12″ Bi-amp Monitors

Along with a variety of other brands and sizes from JBL, EAW, RCF, and Outline:

  • VRX 928 8″ Bi-amp Line Array
  • VRX 932 12″ Bi-amp Line Array
  • HDL10a Powered Line Array
  • SUB 9004AS Powered 18″ Subwoofers
  • NX-12SMA Powered 12″ Monitors
  • SB1000z Dual 18″ Ground Stack Subwoofers

With over 75 years of collective experience among the staff, Creative Audio has become a “first call” audio company for many national touring acts. Dependable audio system rentals, reliable and knowledgeable technicians, and boutique service have provided Creative Audio with a reputation to count on.