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Audio, Lighting, and Video Positions at Creative Audio

A Career as a Concert Technician

Do you have a passion for concerts and technology?  Have experience with sound, lighting, or video equipment?  Creative Audio is a national concert and touring production company based in Rockford, Illinois, and we need people!  

Accepting Applications

Currently we are seeking qualified applicants for full time careers in our Audio, Lighting, and Video departments.  Full time positions include benefits, 401k, and sick/vacation time, along with other benefits of life on tour.  

A basic skill-set and cross knowledge for each field is preferred but additional on-site training can be provided. 

Applicants are expected to be able to manage most aspects of their department during each show or tour they’re assigned. This includes maintenance, setup, operation, and tear-down of all equipment provided and rented for each show. An ability to test, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently is key.

Secondly, applicants must be self-driven, have the ability to adapt to fluid situations, and be able to work long hours as needed. Work days can be long, and the saying is true: The Show Must Go On. Being able to sit and stand for long periods of time, have good hearing and eye-sight, and be able to communicate effectively with co-workers is a must.

Lastly, applicants must be able to travel extensively each week. This includes possible international travel, so all technicians must hold a valid driver’s license and passport.  We do ask that applicants live nearby or be willing to relocate themselves to within a reasonable commute to our shop in Rockford, IL.  Relocation help is an option for qualified candidates.

Specific requirements for each position are listed below, if you believe you would be a good member of our team, email us today!

Audio Technician Positions

  1. Knowledge of various digital audio consoles, basic signal flow, and patching.
  2. Familiarity with line array speakers and rigging.
  3. Knowledge of audio networking and system processing is a plus.
  4. Basic knowledge of RF management for wireless microphones and in-ear monitors.

Lighting Technician Positions

  1. Knowledge of intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures.
  2. Familiarity with various lighting consoles, including GrandMA, Martin, and Avolites.
  3. Basic knowledge of DMX, Artnet, and MA-net protocols.
  4. Knowledge of power and circuiting for high quantities of lighting fixtures.

Video Technician Positions

  1. Knowledge of video switchers, scalers, cameras, and video processors.
  2. Familiarity with LED video walls and video projectors.
  3. Basic knowledge of color correction, camera techniques, and video formats.
  4. Video graphics, including slideshows and editing software.

With growing client base and constantly expanding equipment inventory, Creative Audio provides top quality services across the nation. 

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