Creative Audio provides stage rentals for many different size events. We are also proud to be an exclusive operator of Stageline Mobile Stages. They are designed and built to be the safest and most reliable mobile structures in the world. We can also offer a full assortment of accessories. Barricade, bike racking, cable ramps, generators, tents and more are available to cover all the needs of a live event.

SAM 750 Stage

Go big or go home! The SAM 750 is the largest mobile stage in the world. It has a deck size of 70 x 56 feet, covered wings for each side stage measuring 28 x 48 feet, and an upstage crossover which is 132 x 12 feet. With a staggering trim height of 52 feet, and a total rigging capacity of 152,000 pounds, the SAM 750 is quite simply, its the largest, tallest, and strongest rainproof mobile stage in the world.

SAM 575 Stage

The SAM 575 stages have a deck size of 50 x 38 feet, plus optional wings measuring 24 x 38 feet, and an optional upstage crossover up to 90 x 12 feet. It boasts a trim height of 28 feet and can rig up to 94,000 pounds. Some of the biggest events in the country use our SAM 575!

SAM 450

This is the newest Stageline model Creative Audio has available! It features a deck size of 44 x 38 feet, plus optional wings, a trim height of 27 feet, and a rigging capacity of 66,000 pounds. It is the perfect size stage for many “A” list performers and highly requested on current riders.

SL 320

Creative Audio’s SL 320 stages have been a workhorse for regional festivals and events for years. They have a deck size of 40 x 40 feet, and side wings that can be scaled to fit your needs. Even with wind walls installed, the wind rating of up to 75 MPH makes it one of the safest rainproof stages in the world.

SL 260

The SL 260 is a favorite for small festivals everywhere. It sets up in record time and can handle an impressive amount of weight capacity for lighting and audio equipment. Call us today to reserve one for your event!

SL 100

This is the smallest of the stages Creative offers! The SL 100 has a deck size of 24 x 20 feet, and can be setup in as little as an hour. It is also pulled with a standard pickup, making it easy to place in even very tight spaces.